Our Story

In October 2011, a group of citizens from the Kingman community formed a non-profit organization with the goal of purchasing the Kingman Theatre from Pat and Joan Conner. That group became the Kingman Community Theatre Association or KCTA.

The goal of this board was to keep the doors of YOUR historic theatre open.  Allowing you, your children, and your children's children to experience a bygone era,

when going to the movies was a treasured experience.

The first major project of the KCTA was to purchase a digital projector to be able to continue to show first run movies. 

With the help of the community and tax credits the projector was purchased.

KCTA has a dedication to serve the public and bring an added value to the community as well as the future needs for the community. 

YOUR Kingman Historic Theatre is the hub for entertainment in Kingman County and provides an added quality of life for county residents. We strive to provide various events in addition to current box office movies.  The theater has hosted educational movies, faith-based programs, live concerts, independent films, school programs and meeting needs for convention and tourism. 

Board members represent all aspects of the community. Board members as well as community activists will bring their industry and talents to help the Kingman Historic Theatre evolve to the next level and meet future needs of the entire Kingman County and surrounding areas.

Your theatre operates because of the kindness of volunteers and donors. 

If an opening would come up on the KCTA board and you would be interested in working with us please complete the form in the following link.


Board Members

Deena Lampe

General Manager

Amanda Cousins

Concessions Manager

Mike Miller

Boardmember - President

Janice Smith

Boardmember -Vice President

Jody Goetz

Boardmember - Secretary

Chester James

Board Member

Chris Huhman


Kamesh Senthamilselvan


Christy Milford


Krista Clover


Jill Neville



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